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When I was 4 years old, I was as tall and as thin as a cane; I was as free as the wind; I was as fractious as the dog which do not wish to be tied; and, I started to learn English at this age.

At first is the alphabet. It is commonly practiced to teach a child using Filipino phonology and it gives every young ones a headache trying to distinguish between B and V. Aside from this, the English E – /i/ and the Filipino E – /ε/ made a challenge for me to study both alphabets at the same time.

Next are the numbers, one to ten then eleven to twenty. Sometimes one cannot recall the series and recites it randomly. I remember when I taught my nieces, they sometimes just answers regardless if they were sure that a particular number is followed by their answers. I wonder if I was like them.

Then, the shapes are introduced. I don’t know my parent taught me the shapes but when its time for me to teach my nieces, I explain them, for example, ‘tri’ in the triangle means three because it has three sides. Diamond shape is different to square because it is draw diagonally and with a slight difference in angle and so on.

Other than the shapes, colors are the favorite of children. We simply look at some simple pictures with few colors to help us learn it. I remember that there are coloring books to aid us. In those coloring books, there were instructions like, “color the objects red” then there was an apple and we even color the apple’s leaf red. That is really funny, isn’t it?

These are the things that I can remember from my experiences in learning and teaching English.

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