Posted by: felishkulitz | September 16, 2009

My First Nihongo Book

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Konnichiwa! This is a usual phrase to greet anyone in Japan. As I wrote on my first post, I am studying Japanese. It all started in one old book which became my the foundation of my newly found hobby, to study a foreign language.

It was on the last days of high school when a friend gave me my first Japanese language book. It was a pocketbook which pages turned yellow in age. I, then, begun to read and I immediately like it. The lessons are short and simple but never lacking explanations.

There was not a single day that I leave it on the shelve. I always have it ready so that when I am free from chores and school works, I can browse its pages which grows from one topic to another in that instance. I was very enthusiastic that I review it more often than my subjects at school. When I was admitted to college, I then have the confidence to speak a little using simple sentences.

Even though I mastered the book, I didn’t use it since no one in our class seems to be interested. I became dormant in Japanese and gradually forgot some of the lessons and vocabulary. One day, I decided to review it but I cannot find the book. It turned out that my sister lend it to her friend and her friend didn’t returned it. I was angry but what can I do?

I went to the nearest bookstore to find the another copy of the same book but it seemed our of stock for a very long time. The saleslady suggested that I choose from the newer publications instead. There were many books to choose from and that made it difficult for me to choose. There are books specializing on phrases, basic writing, and vocabulary. There are various dictionaries of different sizes. I even saw a kanji dictionary. In the end, I chose a book which offers many vocabulary.

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  1. Maybe you could have bought it online? If you really liked that book, it might have been worth the cost of shipping.

    • I don’t remember if it’s a 50s or 60s book. I know that I knew it but forgot it now. It has been roughly 7 years now. At the time I need to replaced it, our PC don’t have internet then. Thank you for the comment. Arigatou gozaimasu!

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