Posted by: felishkulitz | September 23, 2009

Little Easier

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In Filipino, there are many Spanish words. Some these have unchanged spellings and some have little changes to it. Few others have changes in spelling which can’t be explained by a novice like me but one thing is for sure, they are commonly used.

Because of the things mentioned above, I find it a little easier to study Spanish. About the grammar, I can find similarities between Spanish in English but no in all cases because there are rules in Spanish grammar which is rather weird if translated in English word per word.

I want to note the points where Spanish and English are different rather than focusing on their similarities. If the approach used in learning Spanish is conversational, expressing ones age is one of the first to learn. In Spanish, one can say, “tengo veinte tres años.” Tengo in this example means I have and in English we don’t say, “I have twenty three years.” The second thing that I want to highlight is the rules which allow the speaker to use both the negative form of the verb and adverb. As an example, we say, “nobody speak.” However, in Spanish, we can both say, “nadie habla” or “no habla nadie”. The second option in Spanish is weird when strictly translated in English. It is, “nobody do not speak.” The Spanish for “must do” is hay que plus infinitive but ‘hay’ literally means “there is/are” in English so this pattern must not be confused.

For now, I am still on the easy part of Spanish. I still don’t have idea as I progress. To the readers, please wish me luck.

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