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Erudite Vocabulary

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I cannot say that I have totally conquered English. There are still more to learn. I need to sharpen my skills. One day, I came across a site which I also mentioned yesterday. This site also have erudite vocabulary list. At first, I don’t know what erudite means and I don’t have any idea what that list is all about. When I tried it, I begun to like it. Wow! the list is really good. I am still on the first list. I hope that I can finish it faster so that I can start with the next list.

I feel enthusiastic about exploring this side of the language especially the specific use of these words. I grew up with a language that is rich with specific words needed to use and I love to learn more about it. It is sad to say that many people in the Philippines from the younger generation prefer to use those foreign alternative. Because of that, Tagalog is dying fast. Anyway, back to erudite vocabulary, I am doing some efforts to research Tagalog erudite words as well as studying English erudite words.

I am so happy to know that I even created my own list. I want to share Tagalog words to those who like to learn it. I hope that I can make my own erudite list. The one that can boast Tagalog’s old glory. Speaking of specific words, I remember a discussion about ‘rice‘ in Tagalog. I found another site which shows that there are even more words for rice which a typical Filipino don’t know. I was so amazed upon my first encounter with that old dictionary entry. I would like to quote that one entry but first, I will give a short list of words about rice. Below is my list.

  • Palay (raw grain)
  • Bigas (polished rice)
  • Kanin (boiled rice)
  • Sangag (fried rice)
  • Bahaw (left over rice)

Next is the entry in an old dictionary.

Yabyab – La segunda molienda del palay en el pilon; la primera llaman lopac, la segunda, yabyab, la tercera digas, y estando ya totalmente limpio, bigas. Itong palay ay yabyab lamang digasan mo. En Batangas se dice. Yabyaban, y es la primera molienda, y la segunda lupac.

Yabyab – the second milling of palay in the pylon; They call the first one as lopac, second, yabyab, third digas, and being already cleaned totally, bigas. This rice is still a yabyab, polish it to become a digas. In Batangas it is said, Yabyaban, and it is the first milling, and the second is lupac.

Given this situation, we now know of certain words like lopac, yabyab and digas. Since ‘decir‘ which means “to say” can be conjugated as ‘digas’, it almost fooled me. Thankfully, the author followed a sentence which gave a hint.

From English erudite words, this post grow to include Tagalog erudite and then to rice. I may seem funny to put picture of palay here but I guess this is covered (somewhat?).

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