Posted by: felishkulitz | November 21, 2009

Spanish Numbers

* Sources: WDI/World Bank. GDP and GDP per cap...
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Ever since a child, I have been hearing grownup use Spanish numbers in Filipino context. When I first share about this in here, I was too confident that I did not verify each and everyone of the numbers. That led me to a wrong entry in here and I must edit it.

The problem lies in the million, billion and up. I found a page where this case is explained. One million in Spanish should be “un millón” and in the next numbers, the accent is dropped to make it ~millones. I find the next sets unexpected. Billion is mil millones and trillion is billón. Any numbers higher that trillion don’t have Spanish equivalent as I attempt to search from them in this online dictionary. The entries shows that in other countries like the United States, there are more numbers higher that trillion while these are not present in Spanish.

I wonder if Spanish will grow to adopt higher numbers into their vocabulary and if they do, will they base it on the American numerals or will they make it their own way.

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