Posted by: felishkulitz | March 28, 2010

Animals in the Philippines

The American lobster was a staple of the colon...
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Just now, I updated the list of animals in Filipino. Thanks to the local media’s effort in promoting the Philippine tourists and the wildlife welfare, I list down new species of exotic animals.

The following are the new animals added in my list:

  • Barangkas – Horseshoe crab
  • Ranga-ranga/Saang – Spider conch
  • Pitik-pitik – Rock lobster
  • Ayuyu – Mud lobster
  • Kutiba – Mother of pearl

Ayuyu, by the way, looks like a scorpion but walks backwards. I don’t know if I should really add Kutiba since it refers to the shell itself not the shellfish that once lived there. You can find the list in this page. If you have any comments, please, post if here. I need more reaction to know exactly if my posts are interesting.

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