Posted by: felishkulitz | April 10, 2010


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An ophthalmologist born to a Russian father and a Yiddish mother invented a constructed language called ‘Esperanto‘. From the language itself, Esperanto means one who hopes. L. L. Zamenhof aimed to create an easy to learn and politically neutral language that would serve as a universal second language.

It was just recently that I heard about this language through a forum. I became curious and search for it. I found several interesting sites which teaches this language and started to browse them. After several days reading about them, I become really interested. Indeed, it is easy to learn. There is no declensions unlike Latin and it has a few conjugations. With different affixes, we can create many words from one root word.

I plan to study it and hopefully I can use it in no time. If ever I have time, I will try to compost my blog entry using it.

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  1. Bonŝancon!

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