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Hobbies and Interests:

reads books and magazines; watches television programs, movies, and documentaries; and surf the net. Usually about general information, business, technology, arts, and sciences.

Favorite Books:

Books that I have read: Bunnicula, Bunnicula Strikes Again, Carlota’s Kittens, Fifty Five Minite Hour, One Thousand Chestnut Trees, The Da Vinci Code, The Prince, When Smart People Fails. Books that I want to read: Angels and Demons, Emma, Madame Bovary, Oliver Twist, On Liberty and Utilitarianism, Paradiso, Persuasion Pride and Prejudice, Purgatorio, Sense and Sensibility, Texas Jake, The Canterbury Tales, The Dialogues of Plato, The Inferno, Twilight, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Utopia, Vanity Fair

Favorite Movies:

historycal, inspirational, non-violent. the river runs through it-we love completely without understanding completely. I feel like seeing the things that I often neglect in ordinary times. By this, it makes me grow, understanding how to view the world around me in different perspectives as the actors act, as the stories unfold as the audience cry. This gives me long thoughts to think, delicate feelings to feel, and sweet life to live.

Favorite Music:

anything that sounds good. san man patungo by parokya ni edgar…I am in search for a voice which had endured so much pain yet still standing and facing the fears head on. Hearing the cords of surviving and being alive makes me celebrate that I am a human and I live to feel alive then tell others that they are alive. I am longing for the beat to the drums which rushes my blood and making me warm giving others a sweet warm smile. I am the music that I hear and the music that I hear is me.

Favorite TV Shows:

anything which feeds the mind

About Me:

imagine looking to the gentleness and severity of the soul-nurturing place. picture for me something like a delicate yin and yang, that is me.

In this heart is a wound. warm and gentle touch, it needs. fragrance will soon come to mend you. revive, your radiant smile, revive. you are the potion flowing the stream midst that fertile meadow. where butterflies will roam.

a drop of tear more salty than the ocean’s, shall you be shed again, not your current shall stray this heart. dusty rose, the dew is near to wash you back to serene highness.

Who I Want to Meet:

i want to see the deepest ocean with its mysteries glowing in the murky and most sacred bosom.

Oh, butterflies

should you stay on my heart, hush whispers of you, I will hear. your colors shall engulf this frozen heart. flames within will forever last to keep ones company warm. beating drum is my heart and your grace dances within. to the moon we shall go. to the moon, to the moon! stars caressing us, you see? the night will near its dawn.

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