Posted by: felishkulitz | April 13, 2010

Let’s Learn Japanese

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Several years ago, there was a channel where I enjoyed watching different programs in both Filipino and Japanese. One of these are the two series of Let’s Learn Japanese. I remember that I always wait for its time slot. When it is time for the program, I always take down notes. Since it was quite a long time by now, I can’t tell if I completed the whole series.

I am lucky that I found the complete videos of the two series in the internet. I did not hesitate and downloaded everything. After I finished downloading the whole episodes, I started to watch them one by one. Sometimes, I watch one episode twice to practice my hearing skill. This is vital, right? Another thing is that I want to recall how to write the kanas. Although there are many sources in which to know how each kana look likes, few teaches the step by step process of writing them. I am glad that I can learn it in this course too.

Within the course, there is a drama in which the life of a foreigner in Japan is featured. It is called Yan san and the Japanese people or Yan san to nihon no hitobito in Japanese. I really liked it because it also shows the culture of the Japanese people. Plus the fact that the story itself is nice. Also, I got a chance to see tokyo city from that time. Maybe you can tell that I am very curious when it comes to Japan.

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